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author: Tiffany Threadgould

Sterling Publishing

availability: order online at & Barnes and Noble
suggested retail price: $12.95

description: We jam-packed this book with 95 do-it-yourself recycling projects! Transform outdated CDs into a lampshade, your empty cereal box into a magazine holder, bottle caps into a game of checkers, and a whole lot more!

If you're a store and interested in carrying this fine book, please contact the nice people at Sterling Publishing. Sterling will be more than happy to get this book into your customers' crafty hands.
book signing events: We have some fun, free book-releated events this March and April in the New York City area! Check out our calendar for the latest in ReMaking It!
press release: Download the PDF here

how-to videos:
Check out Tiffany on TerraCycle's YouTube channel to learn how to ReMake your own...
Soda bottle soap dish
and Candy wrapper napkin ring
Tiffany's niece and nephew star in these videos straight from the book...
Mint tin puzzle
Record album portfolio
Glass bottle vase
License plate memo board

some nice things people have said about our book:

"ReMake It shows everyone that there really is no such thing as waste. Tiffany‘s upcycling projects are stylish and simple, even for the minimally crafty."
-- Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle

"ReMake It shows you that reusing scrap materials can be stylish and easy."
-- Josh Dorfman, The Lazy Environmentalist

"Tiffany’s projects are inspiring, fun, and easy to make. In other words, Tiffany is the Martha Stewart of Garbage."
-- Shawn Connally, Make Magazine

Don't just recycle it...ReMake It!




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