ReMake CD jewel cases into a lamp!

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description: If your CD collection is becoming a thing of the past, it’s time to hit the replay button and let the cases play a different tune. The cases themselves can become the building supplies for a bright, light fixture. With some common office and hardware supplies, you can turn your old CD jewel cases into this project that’s a real gem. Get ready to shine a new light on your old jewel cases.

- 12 CD jewel cases
- light fixture with cord
- CFL lightbulb
- 24 medium binder clips
- 24 large nuts and bolts
- screwdriver

1. Start by attaching 2 jewel cases together. Do this by opening up the two jewel cases and placing them upright on a flat surface. Make sure one side from each case touch and clip together with a binder clip at the top and bottom connecting the two cases.

2. You’re going to continue connecting your jewel cases. Take another jewel case and set it to next to your already connected pieces. Connect again at the top and bottom with binder clips.

3. To make the spacing secure between open jewel cases, we’re going to add a fastener to the binder clip handles. Do this by opening up the binder clips and overlap the ends of clip handles. Place a large nut through the two overlapped handles and screw a bolt securing the two pieces in place. Repeat for the other set of binder clips.

4. Repeat these steps for the remaining jewel cases.

5. When all of your jewel cases are connecting, you’re going to connect the first case to the last jewel case. Do this by creating a ring with your cases so that they touch. Connect these with binder clips at the top and bottom. Then attach each binder clip pair with a nut and bolt.

6. Screw your lightbulb into the light fixture and insert it into the center of the CD case ring. Let your new project shine!

7. Optional: To make your light fixture a hanging fixture, locate the small holes on the top of the CD cases. Most CD cases have these. If not, then drill holes in the top of 3 evenly spaced jewel cases. Unscrew the disk of the light fixture. Thread the fishing line through the holes and tie it onto the center base. Make sure it's tied securely with two or three knots. Screw the light fixture disk back into place. Screw in your eco-friendly light bulb, and you’re ready to shine a light on your new project!



created by RePlayGround