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description: Turn an old umbrella into a waterproof skirt. You can also read about this project on Treehugger.

- fabric from a broken umbrella
- zipper, elastic, or drawstring
- c.php (optional)
- safety pin (optional)

- needle and thread or sewing machine
- iron
- straight pins
- fabric scissors

1. Separate the umbrella panels from each other, leaving the sewn edge of the perimeter intact. (It will become the hem later.)

2. Lay out the panels, alternating them like in the illustration below left. The number of panels you use will depend on the size of the umbrella and your waist or hip size. We've supplied patterns for both a full, umbrella-like skirt and a straighter, A-line look. Full skirt: For zippered skirts, match the width of the panels to the size of your waistline. If you're using elastic or drawstring, make sure there's extra length in the waist for gathering. Straight Skirt: Width of panels should match the size of your hipline. When it's time to finish the waist, add a zipper and darts; or use elastic or drawstring to fit.

3. Trim off the excess fabric and set trimmings aside for Step 5. Pin panels together and sew (see illustration for where to sew). Leave two 4" slits in the straight skirt panels (from bottom hem up) for walking room.

4. Complete the loop by pinning and sewing the open ends of the panel together. For a zippered waist, pin and sew in at the opening, then sew remaining portion of pinned panels together. The zipper gets sewn in where these 2 panels connect. Any open fabric left under zipper should be sewn together.

5. Take some of the trimmings left from step 3 and make it into a 2" wide strip to cover the waistline of the skirt.

6. Fold the 2" strip in half and iron on the lowest setting. Pin along the top of the skirt and sew in place. If using a zipper, start and finish at the zipper.

7. Finish an elastic or drawstring skirt by threading the material through the 2" strip. An easy way to do this is to attach a safety pin to the end you're pushing through the waistline. To finish a zippered skirt attach c.php at opening.

created by RePlayGround