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description: The cool graphics on cereal boxes are much too valuable to throw away. Turn it into something that you can store your valuables inside. With a little bit of elastic, you'll have a crafty new wallet in no time. It also works great as a business card holder.

- empty food box - like a cereal box
- elastic cord
- paper template you can download here - you need Adobe Reader to view

- scissors
- pencil
- ruler
- paper scoring tool - like a butter knife or bent paperclip
- small paperpunch (1/8" hole) or tack

1. Cut out the template and place it on top of your box. Trace around the edges.

2. Cut along the lines and punch holes where indicated either with a small paper punch or a tack. If you’re using a tack, wiggle the tack in the hole so it’s large enough to fit the elastic cord through.

3. Then, place the ruler on top of your cut-out and run your paper scoring tool along the lines. Fold at these lines.

4. Tie a double knot at one end of your cord and slip through hole A with the knot on the inside of the box. Then thread through B, going through the inside of the box and ending on the outside. Next, thread in through C and out through D. Then, thread in through E, and back in through F ending on the inside of the box.

5. Tuck in tabs A and F and fold up the wallet. Then tie a double knot in the end to secure. Make sure the elastic is snug, but not too tight. Slip the elastic over the corners of your wallet and it's ready to be filled with your money, business cards or even coupons to buy more cereal.


created by RePlayGround