RePlayGround helps promote brands as fun, engaging and eco-conscious. We design hands-on upcycling projects made from your company's product packaging, and then teach these quick, easy projects at fairs, expos and large scale events. Hire us to fill a booth at an upcoming event, and we'll provide pre-cut materials and instructions so kids and adults can make and take a project, and get excited about your brand in the process!

Recent events:

(left) GoGo Squeez event for Summer Streets NYC. Over 1,000 kids and adults made gift bows and MetroCard wallets from GoGo Squeez wrapper at the RePlayGround recycling table over the course of a weekend.

(right) bottle cap mural project for New York Hall of Science Maker Days. Museum goers contributed a bottle cap magnet to the board that eventually spelled out the word "MAKE", or took their decorated magnet cap home to stick on the fridge.

ReplayGround throws a mean (and eco-friendly!) party! We'll provide fun, hands-on recycling projects that will engage your guests' creative side, and make your party a one of a kind event. Guests are free to take their finished projects home as a memento. Whether you're celebrating a birthday party, wedding shower, office event, or a crafty night with with friends, we're here to help!

E-mail for pricing for your event. Also check out our Event PDF and DIY project page!


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