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Do you have a surplus of scrap that you don't have a use for? Let us embrace your waste!

Does your company have a big pile of last year's calendars still in stock? Do you have loads of used wine corks? Or perhaps you recently updated your city's street signs and you're now ankle deep in outdated ones. If you have a surplus of something you think we'd be interested in, please contact us.

And right now we are specifically looking for:
+ Wool sweaters
+ Neckties
+ Buttons

We're currently working with TerraCycle to upcycle a bunch of items into new. Visit their website and sign up for one of their collection brigades. Sometimes you can even earn money for your favorite charity. They're currently looking for donations of:
+ Wine corks
+ Cookie wrappers
+ Yogurt containers

Other things we often use include:
+ Misprints/overruns of paper products like food packaging, maps, and calendars
+ Computer keyboard keys
+ Scrap from venetian blinds
+ Sheet music
+ Plastic Credit cards
+ Anything else you might throw out in large quantities.

Company scrap can make great eco-friendly corporate gifts! What better way to show your clients that you care than by giving them your garbage? Here are a few examples of items we've made for other companies.

Before sending us anything, be sure to contact us to see where to send it. We wouldn't want you wasting time or energy shipping something we can't use.

Thanks for recycling!



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